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Ahad, 11 Mei 2014



Tak tahulah apa nak jadi, nak bunuh diri pun sempat beritahu di Facebook. Bacalah sendiri status mangsa bunuh diri dibawah yang berlaku di Centre Point Centre KK 2 hari lalu..Nasib baiklah mangsa ni tak tulis "JUMPA AWAK DI SYURGA...." 

Ini beberapa info mangsa yang diambil dari Facebook beliau sebelum beliau ambil keputusan untuk mati begitu saja...

Woman posts suicide note on Facebook, allegedly jumps off building.

KOTA KINABALU: A 21-year-old woman was found dead at the Centre Point shopping mall, here about two hours after she posted a suicide note on Facebook.

The woman, Hasrina Chee, was believed to have fallen off from the building's sixth floor car park at about midnight, soon after making a Facebook post at 9.42pm on Thursday.

In Chee's last message on Facebook, she said "goodbye" to her friends and "sorry" to her family.

She also said she would "close her eyes forever", after naming a person believed to be her former boyfriend.

Her posting has since been deleted from Facebook, but a screenshot of her message has been making its rounds on social media.

Kota Kinabalu city police chief Assist Comm Jauteh Dikun said that they were investigating the case as sudden death and did not rule out suicide.

He said the body had been sent for a post-mortem and the police were now getting statements from family members and friends.

He declined to comment on the Facebook posting as it was part of the ongoing investigation.

It is believed that her former boyfriend had a lodged a police report against her after she threatened suicide after he rejected overtures to patch up.

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