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Ahad, 28 Julai 2013



Ada sesuatu yang boleh kita kongsikan dari surat Panas yang dihantar kepada bekas ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Musa Hassan ini. Pertama, ianya bukan SATU FITNAH DAN SEMEMANGNYA BERLAKU. 

Baca dulu petikan surat ini ........ 

Surat Kepada Tan Sri IGP : Rent A Cop?

OK this one is going to be a tad sensitive. So again I am disguising real names. Someone sent me this in an email.  The story speaks for itself.

I hope this will be taken up by the Home Ministry as well as the Police. First here are the two pictures that came with this email.

The pictures show Police outriders (FOUR OF THEM) escorting a VIP car. Whose car is it?

Here is the complaint :

Dear Tuan Syed,

I received these two photos from a friend of mine who was a former staff of P**lic Bank. This incident took place on July 7th, 2013. As can be seen from the two photos, at least four Traffic Policemen were giving VIP treatment to a banker by the name of Tan Sri T** H*** P*** of P**lic Bank. 

They were escorting him from P**lic Bank during the evening rush hour to attend a P**lic Bank dinner function at the Mines Resort Hotel in Sg Besi. His current chief security officer is Hj Abdul W***b Abdul R****n, formerly the ACP and Chief KL Traffic Police at Jalan Bandar.


1. How is it possible for Police to provide such services to a businessman?

2. Don't the police have certain guidelines limiting such services to our Sultans, Ministers and certain Heads of State?

3. Who authorized the use of such services to T** H*** P***? Is the IGP aware of such abuses of authority?

4. Even if the permision is given, presumably by the current KL Police Chief, does he have the authority to do so?

5. Is payment involved for such services and if so, how did the Police account for such payments? (I am interested to know how much was paid?)

In conclusion, it is the taxpayers who are paying for such services to a billionaire who does not deserve such treatment. 

There is so much crime and the Police just cannot cope with it and yet they have the luxury of resources to escort a billionaire for dinner. 

What the f...k is happening with the Police? I think they are just a bunch of headless chickens wandering around losing all sense of direction and purpose. 

If such a thing can happen within their administration, I doubt, if they will be any good when it comes to the serious business of addressing the various crimes in Malaysia.



Thank you  Sir for sending me these pictures plus your comments. Going by the photos you sent and the story - this appears like a Rent-A-Cop operation.  The questions you raised are pertinent. Policemen take orders. Obviously orders were given. This raises questions about the Police's command and control system. 

Were there monies paid? Can public assets (Police bikes etc) be used for private gain of the VIP as well as the cops involved? Certainly not.  

The IGP seriously needs to tighten his grip on the boys. The Police have too long a record of service to the country. I for one will never forget or try to diminish the contribution of the Police when we were a struggling young nation.  

So I do hope these type of things will be strictly curbed. Discipline. We need discipline. The whole country seems to have no discipline at all.  I hope the IGP will hear about this asap.  


PERKARA UTAMA YANG PERLU KITA TAHU DISINI, jika anda malas nak FAHAM KANDUNGAN SURAT INI IALAH Polis menyalahguna kuasanya untuk mengiringi seorang Jutawan untuk makan malam.....SEDANGKAN KITALAH rakyat bahawan  YANG MEMBAYAR CUKAI untuk mereka??

Dan mungkinkah ini antara ISU  yang dibangkitkan oleh TS Musa dalam Twitternya.....

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